Think outside of the box when it comes to business… this doesn’t mean do ‘crazy’ things that your current clients or customers will not relate to… it means provide the service or product that your clients know and love, but give them a little extra too… something that makes them know that you are thinking about their needs as a consumer.

It is nearly Christmas, and it reminds me of an idea I had back in December 2011 – I had an idea for Bassatt Vitamins… very simple and one that would increase their platform and possible revenue during the lead up to Christmas. My teenage assistant at the time, considered a Bassatt Vitamin as a good way to have a daily dose of the vital C, and D etc – and my son used to ask for his vitamin C daily as if it were a treat (even though he knows he is only allowed one per day, and only with permission)…

So why haven’t Bassatt brought out an advent calendar? – It is a no-brainer… maybe they have now – it was several years ago I thought of this, and at the time I was thinking what a good idea this would be for a vitamin company! It is using the same stock as they usually do, just a different, festive box right? And it entices new customers. In fact with the health-conscious way the world is going – I think it is a great idea and I love it – Lego have done it, (okay you don’t eat lego, but it encourages building, patience, and excitement,)… and the lego advent calendar is my purchase this year…  So, whilst the Vitamin Calendar is my intellectual property, at least I think it is… I would very much love to see a Bassatt advent calendar on the shelves next Christmas… so take the idea and run with it…

As far as this business advice goes… give your clients what they expect, but a little more with a touch of uniqueness and don’t be complacent with your client base or customers!

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