Recommendation: Writer – Ara Eden

I work with a variety of creatives and talented people, Ara Eden is one of them; Ara has been in the background with Portal PR from the outset, dipping a toe in the PPR waters over the years to write and illustrate for various publications, as well as with translation, marketing and communications. I personally recommend Ara’s skills as a freelancer with a professional background in corporate global marketing, PR, writing, editing and translation; with Ara’s twenty years of experience, she helps clients create engaging web copy, brochures, press releases and feature articles. Clients include Love Pouting, Outtakes TV, Holistic Therapist Magazine, AGW, Toshiba Tec, Nova Vitalis Crystal Water.

Ara has also written a couple of blog posts for me as a guest blogger.

Contact Ara directly at:

Info (AT) litaraleeart (DOT) com

Skype: ara-lee

Tel: 0049 170 317 4933

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