Did Shakespeare have it right in Romeo and Juliet? Referring to their names not mattering, and within a romantic context he probably did! But when it comes to business – the name really does need to reflect your brand, your product or service and your ethos… If the name stinks, customers are likely to walk away holding their noses before they can even get a whiff of the roses.

When you are choosing a name for your brand or business, think further than just the expected, and further than a word that you simply like the sound of. Obviously, it is important to like the name, but think about the definitions of that word, or whether you want more than one word, how these words together work and how easy the words are to spell or search for online. All of these factors are key when naming your business… but it is a super fun thing to do too. You can ask opinions of others that you trust, or even a professional with a history of branding new businesses. Remember naming your business can be as important as naming your child… and you may even opt for your own name to operate under, as I personally do now, as do several of my clients.

Good luck and have fun choosing!

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