When you make the decision to operate as a small business, or as a sole-trader you are a fully-fledged #businessperson, even though many of you may find it difficult to comprehend this. Clients are attracted to your confidence and this continues to feed your confidence making you feel like a flourishing tree rather than a shrinking violet.

– Coyness is an attractive quality in a person, however it’s best to avoid showing your shy side in business. Separate your ‘work-self’ from your ‘home-self’. This is often easy for people who work in an office or who are employed, as they adhered to other people’s rules or the business ethos. You make your own rules, as you are your own boss. Whilst it is good to have a ‘work’ head on to avoid being too emotional in business, this doesn’t mean that you should be anything other than yourself, or that you should compromise the impact of your service by being disconnected from your clients. Your clients and customers will have more faith in you if you act confidently, even if this feels a little uncomfortable, or if you are by nature quite coy.

– Tap into your self-confidence by writing encouraging notes and sticking them to places you know you will see them – On the side of a mirror, or on the fridge are good options.  Ensure you read them aloud on occasion, so you remind yourself of the things you are good at or new challenges you are capable of facing.

– We are often monitoring our performance so closely, that fear of doing something wrong blocks what we are really capable of. You obviously believe in your business and you must be pretty good at the services you offer as you have reached the point of branching out on your own. So if you have conviction in your knowledge and skills, then your clients will see this and this will re-enforce your confidence.

–  The second you doubt yourself is the second you lose #confidence, so don’t doubt. Simply believe in your own ability, after all you have made it this far. It is a great idea to have a personal phrase to say every morning. Look in the mirror, bypass your reflection and look deep into your eyes, and say the phrase. Whenever you feel out of your depth at business or in a social situation repeat it in your head. For example, ‘I am a confident independent person, I am the master of my own destiny, and I can achieve anything in life and in business.’  The trick is to say it, and to believe it!

Follow these tips and match your self-esteem to your self-employed status.

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