Tips for Exhibitions, Shows and Fairs

Vicki Lord is at The Wedding Fair with her V-Team this weekend as the backstage hairdresser for the models. She also has a stand, and for brides booking with her she is offering discount and a luxury goody bag with discounts and products from: Ogario, Orange Rabbit Cakes, Kelli Waldock Make-up, Favour Fairy, Glitzy Secrets, County Wedding Magazines, Base Formula, the Rock Pins, Lyndsey Goddard Photography, Star Bride Films, and Pro Hair & Beauty Magazine.

Here are five tips when setting up a stand at an industry event or show:

  1. Remember these events hit your target audience bang on, and whilst the stands come with a fee, it is likely that you are going to reap the rewards in the long run… you get the opportunity to promote your brand and first impressions count, so ensure your stand and everything on it, including the decor, the examples of your work and the way you dress reflect your branding visually, as well as your business ethos.
  2. The key to any customer facing activity is the people skills – so ensure you and your staff are positive and having been prepped on how to interact best with the passing trade… it is your chance to attract customers, but there is likely to be competition there… who do you choose when deciding on services and products? Usually we opt to work with the people we connect with, and those that make us feel positive… so keep smiling even when your feet are aching and your tummy is rumbling… (side line – wear comfortable shoes and pack some food).
  3.  These exhibition days are not only long and tiring for you, but also for the people attending, so maybe have some snacks, such as fresh apples, or individually wrapped peppermints on the stand, ready to give any visitors. This shows you have thought about their needs, and that you are not just playing a numbers game.
  4. Discounts and gifts, similar to what Vicki did at The Wedding Fair are really great ways to encourage people to book on the day, but if you find that this incentive is not working, ensure that you take down as many contact details from those potential customers expressing interest in your service or product.
  5. Be prepared with everything you may need; water, first aid, pens, paper, mobile devices, spare products, back-up staff on call in case somebody is late or calls in sick… and remember what ever you plan has to be in adherence to the event rules.

These are just a few things to think about – but there are many more aspects to consider when planning a stand at a show – these will likely be addressed in more detail in future blog posts. But, hopefully this information will get you started and give you some areas to consider.

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