We’ve all done it: published an article or sent an email only to recap a little later and notice silly spelling errors or a missing word.  But it was correct when you sent it, wasn’t it? Of course, you checked and double-checked it.

Whether it’s a new blog post, the next chapter of your novel or a piece you are pitching to the local gazette, do your writing a favour: Let it rest overnight.

It’s the best thing you can do for your writing.

The truth?

While your fingers are speeding your thoughts onto paper as fast as they are hurtling through your mind, a funny thing seems to happen to your eyes.

You guessed it: Yor tired eyes are busily checkng what your brain ment to write and ovrlook simple mistaeks.

What’s that? A few typos never hurt anyone?

So true. And trust me, I am not a stranger to accidentally omitting the odd letter. But if you’re not careful, all that super-fast touch typing could easily turn a ‘public organism’ into a ‘pubic orgasm’. Now that’s something that even the most exciting news report could do without!

Leave your work in a desk draw overnight while you move on to the next item, and give your eyes time to rest from the screen and your brain a chance to recharge.

A little time and space from your writing helps you gain some new perspective… and it means less chance of typos.

(Be honest… we all love the auto-spell-check, but it is no real substitute for your writing acumen when you are on top.)

What’s that? You have a deadline and no time to leave your work for a full 24 hours before you edit and review?

Yes. It’s a common problem.

Then leave your work for an hour. Or ask a trusted friend to give it the once over. See if it reads well and whether it could do with a few structural tweaks.

Good luck and keep writing,

Ara Lee

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