Tuesday #Yoga: Instil Self-Belief in the Office

Chair yoga, cat-cow

Chair Cat-Cow Illustration: Ara Eden

Tuesday is often anti-climatic, but you still have the whole week ahead of you, and it’s vital to believe in your abilities.

Chair Cat-Cow* is great for the spine: Improving your posture instantly gives a feeling of self-confidence, and opening the chest in the Cow part of the pose enhances this, as well as counteracting the hunching that deskwork causes…

Plant your feet on the floor, place hands on thighs, and lengthen your spine in neutral position. Inhale, and arch your back, drawing the shoulders down slightly. Exhale out of Cow and flow into Cat by rounding the spine, allowing your head and shoulders to naturally come forward. Repeat Cat-Cow 3-5 times. With each inhalation, affirm in your mind “I know I can”, and with your exhalations let go of any self-doubt. Visualise an intense yellow-coloured sphere for an added confidence boost.

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