Friday #Yoga: Improve Productivity in Your Workplace

Chair and Face Yoga

Ear Pulling Face Yoga Pose Illustration: Ara Eden

Regular short breaks are brilliant for injecting a speedup of task completion. It’s hugely beneficial to go for a stroll outside, but if this isn’t possible, get some fresh air near an open window and do five deep breaths, and then do this simple face exercise for a quick boost in productivity.

Pulling Your Ears is an ancient Indian technique that increases circulation to your face, activates awareness, and decreases stress, which is exactly what we all need on a Friday…

Start in Chair Mountain; using your thumb and index finger pull your middle earlobes out to the sides four times. Pull your lower earlobes down lightly four times, and then pull your upper earlobes upwards four times. Create circular motions to these parts of your ears too, while inhaling and exhaling deeply through your nose. Add a gratitude affirmation like, “Thank Falafel it’s Friday!”

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