Remember to practise your daily #yoga at your desk…

There are numerous ways you could practise yoga at your desk, however if you’re in an office environment, then seated-chair poses are safe options, rather than using your chair for hand support whilst doing Downward-Facing Dog for example – just in case you end up peering upside-down through open legs at a colleague, or even at your boss – not the most professional of positions… Don’t worry, you don’t have to be doing acrobatics to benefit from practice! By combining breath-work, visualisations, and affirmations with just one simple pose will get you feeling calm and collected, ready for whatever the working week has to throw at you.

Whatever day it is, tilt your computer monitor away, switch your phone to silent, and turn your email notification off, so that you can enjoy the benefits of brief, but effective yoga at your desk…. Check out last week’s posts, where I share an easy yoga pose that you can do in your chair at work: Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday.


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