Are you #Professional on the #Phone?

As a businessperson, it is inevitably that you will have to spend some time speaking on the telephone; whether calling clients or colleagues or answering calls for bookings. It is natural that there are going to be times when you’d rather not to speak to anyone at all, however, it is vital that the person on the other end of the phone feels that your focus is 100% on them and on the conversation. So here are a few Dos and Don’ts:


  • …Smile while you are speaking, but not so much that it hinders your articulation
  • …Listen carefully, so you are prepared to answer any questions
  • …For important calls or phone meetings, be prepared with notes that you can refer to, as well as add to throughout the duration of the call
  • …Politely ask for the caller to repeat any information if you did not hear it the first time – including their name, then remember it!
  • …Try to keep the call to an acceptable duration, and avoid going off on tangents
  • …Focus on the conversation and on the details
  • …Embark on new calls, especially business related calls, with a positive frame of mind
  • …Answer all calls with the thought that it could be a potential new client
  • …End each call having received contact details, and exchanging a warm farewell
  • …Avoid putting your caller on speaker phone without their consent


  • …Eat whilst talking, including chewing gum or picking food from your teeth, and don’t smoke either
  • …Watch TV, or be distracted
  • …Have a three-way conversation, if you do need to say something to a third party, then ask the caller to excuse you or put them on hold
  • …Swear
  • …Slander any third party even in jest
  • …Speak with the phone lodged in-between your neck and shoulder

One thought on “Are you #Professional on the #Phone?

  1. […] Be a Smart Phoner: The phone can be ringing all of the time, and this is a sign of success for many businesses. Technological advances and the introduction of smart phones mean that you can pretty much be anywhere and receive calls and emails. This can however have an adverse effect on your private time with friends and family. So ensure you either switch off your phone when you are having dedicated family time, or invest in a personal phone, keeping your contracted Smartphone just for business. Leave the biz phone at home when you are on holiday, with a greeting stating your date of return, encouraging the caller to leave a message. […]


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