Get in the Papers #LocalBusiness

When it comes to business, you can have all of the right things in place, as well as the best service and wonderful products, but if nobody knows about your offerings how can you really be successful? So, you need to spread the word of your business raising brand awareness in general, especially during times of promotions. Yes, it is perfectly fine to advertise in local publications or on relevant websites if you have had good return from these investments in the past. BUT, have you tried to get information about your business in your local papers for free? Well, it is possible and here are some tips on how to do exactly that:

  1. Pop to your local store and buy a copy of your local newspapers. Register or log on to their websites too. It is important to know what your local publications write about, what sections they include, and the names of the journalists and editors.
  2. Most publications, national and regional are open to reading press releases or emails with potentially good stories. You can find their contact details on the websites or inside the pages.
  3. Make sure you contact the correct person, there is no need to write to the editor-in-chief, if there is a features editor or local business writer who would be better suited to receiving your content.
  4. Ensure you address the person in your email by name and make it clear what it is you are offering them as a story, interview or business case.
  5. Ensure the content is very story based and not an advertorial.
  6. Make sure you have permission from the said people if you include quotes or photos before emailing a press release or information to the news desk.
  7. DON’T hassle the editors, it is okay to send a follow-up email or phone call if you feel you must, however if the story is right for them they will contact you for more information.
  8. Look at the publishing durations of the magazines or papers – are they seasonal? This may dictate the sort of content you pitch to them.
  9. Think about offering a giveaway or competition, as this is a great way to raise brand awareness. You could even offer one of the editors a freebie treatment or product in exchange for a review, again a really effective way to increase awareness of your business, as well as building a rapport with the editorial team.
  10. ONLY offer relevant content, that is news or story worthy, otherwise it will only be a matter of time before the editor just clicks ‘delete’ before reading further. Basically, don’t waste your time or their time… Give the publications something their readers want to read all about.

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