Why is @PicknMelt a great brand for #Esimbi collaboration?

Kinshasa Dreams

When collaborating with brands it is important that there is a mutual benefit. Below are reasons why Pick n Melt was an ideal brand to support the social enterprise Esimbi’s first year gala.


The main reason that Tina set-up the social enterprise was because she saw how children in schools were unable to express themselves through art or music, because they could not afford materials such as colouring pencils. Having built a successful career as a fashion designer, with recognition across media and celebrity wearers of her clothes including Thandie Newton, Tina felt she needed to give something back, and she continues to do this through #Esimbi… find out more on esimbi.org.

With the Pick n Melt trademark 1cm x 1cm x 1cm Cube Melts™ and over 250 different ‘flavours’ to choose from there are literally billions and billions of different aroma combinations… And one of the exciting aspects of this product is the waxed art that is created as the cubes melt in the warmers. This brand has been born from a creative place, and offers candle lovers a creative experience from the moment of choosing the waxes to creating the wax art during the melting process.

It was the Pick n Melt owners Dave and Helen that conceived the idea of the “Kinshasa Dreams” candle in support of the arts in education social enterprise #Esimbi. The candle is the colour and design of the Congolese flag, allowing the yellow stars to melt into the blue candle, creating art; and filling the room with the unique rich blend of spiced fruit and berries.

blue-and-yellow-alessiafrancescamuoio-com-copyThese soy candles and cubes are colourful, just like Tina’s collections, particularly this Spring-Summer 2017 collection showcased at One Whitehall Place during London Fashion Week to celebrate the first year anniversary of #Esimbi and the positive work the social enterprise has done so far, “I chose mostly yellow and blue to represent by country, Congo” Tina said.


kinshasa-dreams-picknmeltCandles show something is working, they show light, and they symbolise hope. The name also created by the Pick n Melt owners conjures the dreams that the children of the Congo can achieve, as well as visually looking like the night sky as the Congolese flag.

ESIMBI (meaning “it works” in Lingala, one of the languages spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo) was set-up primarily to provide vocational training with secured employment (via an Apprenticeship Project and an Apprenticeship Resource Hub) to young adults in the UK and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is achieved by collaborating with its alliance charities, to give these children hope for a better life.

Tina was born in France, and her country is Congo, but it was Notting Hill, London where she launched her successful British based brand, “I love working with British brands, because I have been inspired by the vibrant colours of Congo, the elegance of France and the eclectic styles of England…” Tina enthuses.


Both brands are loved by celebrities…


Anita Dobson and Andy Abraham love @PicknMelt and support #Esimbi


Founder of ESIMBI Tina Lobondi with supporter Thandie Newton

For those who would like to support Esimbi to improve the lives of the youths in Congo can buy a limited edition scented candle from Pick n Melt, with £3 from each candle sale being donated to ESIMBI Social Enterprise.


Use the code ESIMBI during checkout to receive 25% off of all our other scented candles and wax melts.

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