5 #Tips for #YouTubers for targeting content to their audience…

One of my clients Marc Dressen has had great success offering fitness and lifestyle advice via his YouTube channel… 2017 has seen him shift from daily vlogging to offering regular good quality content that his 40k-plus subscribers can watch and benefit from over again… Great move, great idea…

Here are five things to consider for your existing channel:

  1. Read the comments on your videos and figure out what it is that your viewers and subscribers really want to watch from you, and then give them what they want… you are likely to find that it is the stuff that you enjoy doing, as this shines through your videos and creates a more positive response.
  2. Avoid getting caught up in just adding content for the sake of it, this can lead to people getting bored, especially if it is too regular… give your audience something to get excited about and to look forward to… but don’t make them wait too long.
  3. Talking of length… some videos are just way too long! Viewers want and have time for snappy, useful videos. So whatever the genre: Get to the Point!
  4. Check out what some of your subscribers are into… so what channels do they recommend or like, and interact with your audience… reply to the positive comments, as well as subscribe to the relevant channels.
  5. Take a little time to edit your videos well, so that it is the best quality content possible.





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