This page contains a detailed resume for reference.

Academic Qualifications

2:1 BA HONS English Language & Linguistics – University of Essex: top 150 departments in the world, top 10 in the UK (1998-01) Subjects; Analysing Language Structure, Introduction to Linguistics, Computer Applications, Introduction to Psychology, Child Language Acquisition, English as a Second Language; the Acquisition of Syntax, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Language and Sex, Conversation and Social Interaction, Varieties of English, Linguistic Description of English, Language Variation and Change, Discovering Speech

4 A-Levels; Braintree College (1996-98) Subjects; English Language, General Studies, Business Studies, Psychology

10 A-C Grade GCSE; Tabor High School (1991-96) Subjects; Double English (A, B), English Literature (B), Mathematics (B), Information Systems (B), Art & Design (B), Religious Studies (B), Double Science (C, C), German (C)


Circular Fashion: Design, Science and Value in a Sustainable Clothing Industry: Certified by WageningenX, an online learning initiative of Wageningen University & Research (93%).

Introduction to Family Engagement in Education: Certified by HarvardX (edX 92%).

How to be a Super Learner Diploma: Certified with Centre of Excellence (98%).

Home Education Diploma: Certified with Centre of Excellence (pending).

Introduction to Instructional Systems Design: Alison 2018 (100%)

Diploma in Mental Health Studies: Alison 2016 (87%)

Creative entrepreneur and educator

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF at RIC PUBLICATIONS: November 2022 – Current

Storyteller| Model Mentor | Harmoniser

Work includes planning, research, creative concepts, communications, mentoring, consulting, project management, writing, editing, production and direction.



With a keen interest in visual arts, and a history working in TV, and in the fashion industry, I tell stories through photographic concepts. Having styled and creatively directed video and stills, I am keen to project valuable messages through my work, particularly related to promoting a more sustainable fashionable future, as well as inclusive in the arts industries.


I have a home-based professional recording set-up, using a Rhode NT1 Condenser Microphone with SE Pro Reflexion Filter. I am able to send studio quality audio format to anywhere in the world, and I can deliver commercial, corporate, character, narrative or radio promotional projects. Voiceover Credits include: National Basketball Association (NBA), Hemsley Fraser, Virgin Media, and Zurich Group. For my voice reels and more information go to: VOICEOVER.

Written Word – WRITER/EDITOR:

My work has been published online, and in local, national and international press, for editing, ghostwriting, co-writing and writing – including: Pride Magazine, Channel Five (online), FaceOn Magazine, Kindred Spirit, Hitched (online), Wedding Ideas Magazine (online), London Glossy, The Scene, and Om Yoga Magazine. I have edited manuscripts that have been published, including Lisa Portolan’s See-Saw. I have also been hired as a scriptwriter, instructional designer(Vicki Lord, Jesse Green), voiceover, keynote speaker and presenter (live and filmed) for subjects including, Mums in Business, Lifestyle, Work-Life Balance, Yoga, Relaxation, Pranayama, Fitness, Holistic Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Meditation, Natural Beauty, Love, Sex and Relationships, Parenting, Modelling, Fashion and Style: Working with brands such as Virgin Media, Olympia Beauty, Hemsley Fraser, The NBA, Wilmott Dixon, and Sky TV: Love Talk and The Chrissy B Show.

INCLUDED: Creator of f-ACT Magazine (2021); Trashion Magazine (2020) using Adobe Indesign; Editor of Holistic Therapist Magazine: the industry’s No.1 business guide (Sept 2011-Oct 2013) – I launched the MD’s concept, and was in-charge of all editorial content, developing the house-style for print, writing, briefing, penultimate sub-editing (i.e. proofing, captions, headlines), and picture sourcing for the 68-page quarterly publication. HTM was a regular returning client for cover shoots, as well as some website management, copywriting and feature content.

I worked on the rebrand and relaunch of several Seven Star Media Ltd publications, as well as managed, edited, wrote, interviewed, content and image sourced: Man Magazine, Disability Review Magazine, Family First Magazine, Smile, and Blush: As the publication consultant, I also supported in the process of new editor appointment, mentoring and handovers. This chief role included compiling and managing an annual workflow for all publications, for the remote team. For publications I have managed, launched, and edited go to: PUBLISHING

See Archives for Communication Projects.


Combining my experience as an international fashion and commercial model (details further down the page), I offer mentoring for those wanting a career in modelling, presenting or acting (online course/face-to-face). I mentored a group of wannabe models and has an expert place on the judging panel for Face of Alice Be Curious final, and mentored the finalist models at a Danielle Cleary model search. I was the co-director of Models 101 Workshops, and compiled an intensive day of mindset, movement and modelling. I deliver bespoke training to models and actors, and collaborate to deliver workshops, including at Perform Australia. I have a low-cost online training MMM111.


Helping others self-heal and gain balance: This involves working with people to improve their lives by dealing with blockages in the energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. My fitness, holistic therapy, and yoga qualifications are outlined in full further down the page. I have taught various styles of fitness, yoga and wellbeing in the UK, USA and Australia; one-to-one, small and large groups, at gyms, studios, corporate environments, to athletes/boxers, and in schools, as well as in front of the camera, including ‘Fitness 4 2’ for couples on LoveTalk TV. I work with various modalities to offer integrated healing – including energy work, mind, and physical.

Work History


Public Relations & Communications Consultant: Written and Spoken DEC 2009-2018 (Previously, operating under the business name Portal Public Relations (Dec-2009 to Dec-2016. And 2013-July 2015 Operated from Canberra, Australia, and from November 2017 from ACT with Permanent Residency)

AREAS: business consultation, business development, project management, brand creation, copywriting, profile building, social-media, press releases, media packs, blogs/CMS/Wordpress, SEO, basic Dreamweaver, interviews, creativity, event organisation, choreography, communications, B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), crisis management, shoot creation and organisation, media relations, wellbeing at work.

Previous PR projects.

Private Tutor: Self-employed 2009-2010

English (Key Stage 1–5), Mathematics (Key Stage 2-4), Performance and Media (Further Education), Business Presentations and Public Speaking. [Part-time, while raising my first child.]

English Teacher: Chalvedon School & Sixth Form September 2007-2009

Teaching English (Key Stage 3, 4 and 5) including lesson planning, exam invigilating, assessment and exam marking. Contributing to CPD sessions, and out-of-school fundraising events. [Working as a full-time undergraduate teacher.]

Actress – Model – TV/Radio Presenter: Self-employed 2001-2007

Working via agencies (initially part-time), and with direct bookings, managing my own accounts, and training other models for showroom and catwalk. Brands included: Armani, Vivienne Westwood, QVC, GMTV, OK Magazine, Alberta Ferretti, Orange, Samsung, Quiz TV, Lynx, BBC, Channel 4, LWR Radio to name a few.

INCLUDED: Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Love Pouting: the official modelling industry magazine (2005-2006): Running the business and compiling the 56-page bi-monthly magazine; writing features; conducting interviews and compiling key content; as well as liaising with clients, celebrities, organising and directing photo-shoots and events, editing and proofing content. Mentoring young models at the start of their careers.

Assistant Producer (AP) – Guest Booker; FIVE Television 1999-2003

Duties towards Channel 5’s live pre-school show, Milkshake, as well as Shake, and The Core: Dealing with presenters, PR and production companies; Organising web, and TV competitions, copywriting and creative writing details and features for the web page, all according to the current ITC regulations; vision mixing and using basic editing and four-machine equipment; liaising with record companies and PR agencies; writing content ideas and interview questions for the show; booking, meeting, briefing, and blocking-through links with VIP and celebrity guests; project management; producing, and directing several 5-10 minute slots and pre-recorded links; live TV presentation; organising events, including the staff children’s Christmas party; playing a significant role in the Channel 5 road shows; assisting the press department at Pepsi Chart; assistant floor managing, and dolly grip.[Part-time while studying, and continued after graduating.]

Interviewer – Recruiter: The Field Work company 1996-1999

Recruiting, and interviewing the public, on various products and concepts; meeting tight deadlines; conforming to quotas; dealing with quantitative and qualitative data; travelling; researching; events i.e. ‘London Fashion Week’; reporting to, and evaluating data for clients. [Part-time, while studying.]

Pharmaceutical Assistant: Borno Chemist 1995-1996

Dealing with customers, prescriptions, over-the-counter medication and prescription medication, operating cash register, stock-taking, and general retail tasks. [Saturday job, while still at school.]

School Days 1991-1996

During my time at school I was a member of the athletics team; the student council representative for year 7; I organised various fundraising events, including a fashion show, and a cake sale; I set-up a video rental club, and was on the journalism team for Newspaper Week, and participated in events.

Yoga, Holistic Healing & Fitness Training

Dual Diploma in Complementary Therapies & Holistic Counselling: Natural Energies College. Holistic Counselling, Metaphysical Studies, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy and Clinical Practice. (375 hours across 30 months).

Usai Reiki Space Clearing: Certified with Natural Healer.

Usai Reiki 1, 2 & Master: Certified with Natural Healer (30 hours).

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher: Yoga Trinity Teaching Training, Canberra, Australia, RYT 200hrs (285 hours).

Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritionist Diploma: Certified with Centre of Excellence (91%).

Chinese Nutritional Therapy Diploma: Certified with Centre of Excellence (97%).

Mental Health First Aid Adult 2-Day Course: Mental Health First Aid England, April 2017 (face-to-face, 16 hours). Learning included: Spot the early signs of a mental health issue, provide help on a first aid basis, help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others.

Pranayama One-Year Foundation Course: Philip Xerri, Yoga Quests, 2016 (face-to-face and home learning over a period of a year, based on the teachings of Swami Gitananda). Techniques include: Mahat Yoga Pranayama, Sukha Purvaka Pranayama, Rhythmical Breaths, Cleansing Breaths, Purifying Breaths, Cooling Breaths, Mudras, Kriyas, Chakras, Chanting, Nadis, the Polarity Breath, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Bandhas, Koshas, Lesson Planning, Practical Breathing with Asana. CERTIFIED

Pranayama Post Graduate Course: Philip Xerri, Yoga Quests, March 4th 2017 – April 29th 2017 (Including 3 days face-to-face: 18 hours plus home practice over the two months). Techniques include: Further practice and development of Mahat Yoga Pranayama, Rhythmic Breathing, Anu Loma Viloma Kriya, Spiral Breathing, Classical, Pranava AUM and Asana, Pranayama Mudras and Kriyas, Pranayama and the Chakras, Kapalabhati and Bhastrika, Plavini Pranayama, Mantric variations of Anu Loma Viloma Kriya, The Granthis, Bandhas, Bhastrika, Variations on Sitkari Pranayama:  Bhugangini Pranayama and Mudra, Chakra Pranayamas and Meditations, and Hang Sah Kriya.

Yoga Anatomy Principles Course: Leslie Kaminoff: (Online-New York), 2016 (100 plus hours of study recognised as approximately 20 non-contact hours). Subjects include: Breathing; Prana & Apana, Anatomical Shape-Change, Pelvic Diaphragm, Vocal Diaphragm, Intrinsic Equilibruim, Mahamudra. Spine; History, Architecture, 5 Movements of the Spine, Symmetry vs Balance, Iliopsoas, The Central and Autonomic Nervous System. Asana; Evolution and Development, Balance and Equilibrium, Yoga of the foot, Walking, Yoga of the Knee, Hip and Pelvic Articulation, Shoulder Girdle. CERTIFIED

Accessing the Body’s Inner Intelligence: Ben Wolff (8 face-to-face hours)

Breath for Life: Ben Wolff (3 face-to-face hours)

Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation Course: Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli, (and Ben Wolff). The Yoga Nidra Network. 2016 (14 hours).

Sleep Well with Total Yoga Nidra: Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli. 2016 (8 hours)

Simply Meditation: Bhakti Margi with Kamala at Harley Street London (4 hours)

Diploma in Mental Health Studies: AMEDD Center and School via Alison Online Courses (15 hours) CERTIFIED

Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method: Taught by the world’s leading Face Yoga Expert, Danielle Collins (12 hours) CERTIFIED

Mind Detox Practitioner: Mind Detox Academy; trained by creator and best selling author, Sandy C. Newbigging (UK) CERTIFIED

Group Exercise Studio Instructor: Aerobics & Body Conditioning: L2/CERT III – YMCA Fit (CYQ) CERTIFIED

Certified Les Mills Body Balance Instructor; trained in Australia, sponsored by Fernwood Woden Gym CERTIFIED

Voluntary Work

Sustainable Fashion Talk (publishing opportunities for students): Alfred Deakin HIgh School, Canberra

Fashion Industry Talk (industry opportunities for students): CIT, Canberra

Runway Training and Show Choreography: CIT, Canberra

Website Developing and Building: Garran Primary School

Creative Kids’ Yoga Classes and Teaching: Nazeing Primary School, Waltham Abbey, Garran Primary School, Canberra, Garran Scout Group

Female Helper: Garran Scouts Group

Press for PTA: The Willows School, Timperley


  • Acting Training for Commercials: Peter Czajkowski (London)
  • Acting: Monologues and Dialogues: (North-West London)
  • Behaviour Management Training: Pivotal Education Ltd
  • Applied First Aid & CPR: St John Ambulance 
  • WWVP Card (Current)
  • Driving: Full, clean UK licence for manual automobiles