IPP Case Studies


Gordon Pirret, Managing Director of UK-based company International Petroleum Products Ltd (IPP), connected with me via LinkedIn.


After a face-to-face meeting I was appointed to work with Gordon’s company that produces high-quality insulation, breather membrane products, and other products for the construction industry, including the eco-friendly concrete remover, Duzz. I worked with IPP for about two and a half years.


Working closely with the sales and marketing departments, to launch the Duzz product range, and to communicate IPP products in the B2B arena via trade press, online, and direct channels i.e. email, phone, meetings and presentations.

Case Study: BBA Certificate


Alumaflex® has flexible properties which make it suitable for all applications such as barn conversions, pitched and flat roofs, as well as timber frame or masonry walls and roofs, and for the internal insulation of existing lofts.

Alumaflex® Insulation is a sophisticated multi-layer barrier of low emissivity which deals with all three forms of heat transfer – radiation, convection and conduction. So reflecting heat back and away from the building, keeping it cooler during high temperatures, and in cold weather, keeping heat inside the building, providing air-tightness, thus eliminating draughts and cold bridging.

Brief One:

Alumaflex® is one of IPP Building Products’ key insulation products. The Essex-based company have spent time, effort and money on ensuring that the insulation that they manufacturer in the UK, is the safest, most efficient and user-friendly as possible, thus meeting industry regulations and standards: IPP’s full range of reflective and PIR insulation materials enable designers and contractors to meet the latest revisions to part L of the building regulations 2010.  After undergoing product testing, site and manufacturing inspections, Alumaflex® has received a BBA Certificate. As Alumaflex® insulates both roofs and walls for new constructions, it has also gained NHBC approval, as part of its BBA Certificate.   IPP needed a strategy to spread the word of there new BBA…

Strategy One:

  • To create a visual association with the BBA, so key members of the construction industry, as well as home improvers know that Alumaflex® can cater for all insulation requirements.
  • To penetrate the designers, architects and building controllers of the construction industry, as this is the stage that insulation is best incorporated.
  • Target one of the large retail groups that can commit to stocking the product as a BBA certified option.
  • Stamping the importance of using certified products as a result of the marketing and PR activity.

Main Activity:

  • On certification of the BBA, use of the logo is granted. This made the brand association straightforward. The logos incorporate the same colours (red and blue), and so this association is even more powerful. The logo and product was updated on the press pack, industry websites, and social networking sites.
  • A PR and info website was set-up with content that documents activity of the product, focusing on the BBA Certificate.
  • An online press release was posted with product information and logos. Thus raising product SEO, and attracting industry press, and re-enforcing the certification above competitors.
  • IPP builds relationships by corresponding with personal emails and phone calls. So notification of BBA certificate was sent to over 350 Building Control Managers, in the form of these personal emails. This message has been further circulated to other controllers, in a number of areas.
  • A demonstrative meeting with a large retailer and the IPP team took place in order to secure sales placement across the country.
  • As a follow-up to this meeting, branch managers were contacted.

Results and Testimonials:

Overall awareness has been raised within the industry, along with continual mentioning of the BBA Certificate. Coverage in key publications including Unimer News, and Builder’s Merchant.

Congratulations on achieving BBA certification for your multi-foil product, we are reluctant to accept multi-foil products unless BBA or similar certification is presented as evidence of compliance with building regulations.” Jack Leslie, Principal Building Standards Officer

That is great news it is always reassuring to have a BBA approval when specifying or accepting a product. Thanks very much.” Peter Tyler BSc (Hons.) MRICS, Building Control Service Manager

I am most impressed with the product especially as this insulation can be used in a vertical wall detail.” Paul Sired, New Forest District Council


Case Study Two: Insulation Education

Brief Two:

Alumaflex® is one of IPP Building Products’ key insulation products, but the company wanted to stand out from the competition in a positive way.

Strategy Two:

Insulation is more than just a construction process, or set of materials… it is key that installers, buyers, stockists, designers and any one embarking on fitting installation have full knowledge of why insulation is needed, what the best materials are, and where they are best fitted in the building. There are so many elements to the insulation process, and IPP has the know-how, so my strategy was to share IPP’s expert knowledge, by making this available as ‘Insulation Education’.

Main Activity and Results:

  • Industry publications recognize IPP as industry experts, and this has been re-enforced with key articles relaying their knowledge to readers. For Example, ABC&D Magazine, and an article called ‘Cracking the Codes’.
  • Online blog posts about the benefits of insulation published online relevant websites.
  • I ran a blog dedicated to answering insulation questions, again re-enforcing the importance of insulation and how it helps save money, energy, time and space.
  • Alumaflex also has a Facebook page and a Twitter page, this raises SEO, and enables IPP to connect to other industry brands and professionals, as well as add updated news.
  • I created a press portal in order to raise SEO and create more of an online connection with IPP, re-enforcing their expert knowledge in the industry.
  • IPP designed a U-Value guide, outlining the requirements for sustainable living. This was sent out to building controllers in the UK and Ireland as a handy tool, aiding them to meet the Building Regulations for part L, revised in October 2010. The guide demonstrates how specifications can achieve up to Code Level 5 for sustainable homes, and shows detailed diagrams for walls and roofs.
  • This naturally led to offering a Part L-LABC presentation, compiled by IPP Ltd. This FREE 45-minute presentation was based on the U-Value guide, and utilised as a CPD session, covering the following areas: Part L–Latest Target U-Values, Codes for Sustainable Homes, Design Issues – Thermal performance, BBA Certified Multi-Foils, performance and function, and Design Considerations. The expert representative happily visited premises and presented to teams of building controllers and surveyors.
  • With my advice, the manufacturer of Alumaflex®, IPP Building Products, launched a new informative website: www.alumaflex.co.uk. The easy-to-navigate site is packed full of information about Alumaflex®, its BBA certification, fixing videos, detailed instructions, useful images, CAD drawings for download, as well as product information, COSHH, data sheets, merchant support, and the first online multi-foil U-Value calculator. Alumaflex.co.uk is an online education about insulation, and if visitors to the website feel that they need any further information, then the IPP insulation experts are on hand to offer all of the support and guidance required for complete peace of mind.

IPP is still operating and introducing new and innovative products for international building industry clients.