Previously Portal PR

On December 2nd 2009 I registered the domain name, shortly after this I taught myself how to use Dreamweaver and put a website online with my first couple of clients – a fashion designer and a photographer, both of whom I had previously worked with. During these seven years I operated under the business name of Portal Public Relations, I changed my website three times, and this is the fourth… only this time I have decided to also change my business name to my actual name, Jordan Martin… I still believe in the ethos of Portal PR.


Portal PR promises to positively communicate your brand across space and time; creating opportunities, sharing stories and opening doorways leading to success and longevity for you, and your business.

The third website looked like this: portalpr

When naming Portal PR – it was all about the word Portal initially… ‘Portal’ is a great word… Strong and important, with some brilliant and profound definitions; Portal PR embraced all aspects of the word… So, it suited the ethos of the business too:

  • Actually: A grand doorway
  • Metaphorically: The portals of Heaven, or Success
  • Technologically: A site that has an entrance to other sites on the Internet
  • Fictitiously: Magical opening that connects to distant lands, separated through time or space
  • Super-Heroically: Charles Little Sky AKA Portal is a mutant superhero in Marvel Comic Darkhawk

Why have I opted to change my business name?

Most of my work comes via word-of-mouth, and it is myself as an individual that is being recommended. My work in Public Relations and Communications has also become more refined, in that I am called upon for my direct consultancy, continual mentoring, and subject-matter presentation, therefore the ‘shop front’ of my bespoke agency is no longer fitting.

I still own the domain name, and this redirects to for now.