I have written creatively since as long as I can remember (after learning to write of course), and writing has been the one constant in both my personal life and professional life.

Writing Credits Include: 

Pride Magazine, Channel Five (online), FaceOn Magazine, Kindred Spirit, Hitched (online), Wedding Ideas Magazine (online), Kindred Spirit Magazine, Holistic Therapist Magazine (Editor and Creative Concepts), Family First (editorial consultant and sub editor), London Glossy, The Scene, and Om Yoga Magazine. I have edited manuscripts that have gone on to being published including Lisa Portolan’s See-Saw. I have written scripts for speeches, ceremonies, programmes (Channel 5, Sky), and online educational training content, and instructional design for Hemsley Fraser, and Connexions.

Click on the sections below to find out about some publishing projects I have launched or worked on, and some of my own creative projects.