PR & Communications

Public Relations (PR) and Communications (Comms) are about building and maintaining a positive reputation, as well as gaining public understanding and support: These are achieved through sharing a strong and effective brand message, and having permanent professional relationships.

My personal definition of PR & Communications is Improving professional relationships internally and externally, and sharing positive and consistent brand messages through sincere, structured and engaging storytelling, as well as ensuring wellbeing of everybody involved in delivering and receiving the information.

I have worked as a freelance public relations and media relations manager since 2009, with international clients face-to-face (UK, Australia, America), and remotely across the World Wide Web.

I can help you to execute your ideas, as well as provide you with the tools that will materialise your concepts, and then coach you towards clearly communicating your message to relevant audiences, and support you with nurturing your brand for success and longevity.

I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients to refine their brand; sharing their stories; and establishing and nurturing mutually beneficial working relationships, leading people to opportunities, creative projects, and ultimately to success. Read more on my Q & A

My job is to provide YOU with the PR and Communication tools that you need to be successful, and I do this with a holistic approach. Click here for Skype Session options.

Positive Publicity

Press releases, blog posts, online reviews, published articles, tweets, updates, TV spots, radio coverage, and  word-of-mouth are all important platforms for business… Communicating you or your brand to the desired audience is one thing, but gaining Positive Publicity is key for maintaining a good, powerful reputation. I work towards generating positive news and coverage across all mediums, creating innovative ideas, … Continue reading Positive Publicity

Professional Relationships

As humans, our success is based on the relationships we have with ourselves, and with others, as well as the strength of the connections we make in our brains and with our environments… It is paramount in business to build and nurture positive, mutually-beneficial relationships through clear and concise communication. I maintain strong relationships, as well as initiate new … Continue reading Professional Relationships

Powerful Reputation

Businesses go through various stages; some are more challenging than others, but the most important aspect to maintain is the good reputation of your brand, product or service, because your reputation has the power to make your business or break it… the key is to let it work for you by keeping it positive and … Continue reading Powerful Reputation