Publishing Projects

I have experience with feedback reads, evaluations, critiques, proofs, publishable shaping, and book doctor edits for screenplays, manuscripts and other texts (i.e. instructional texts), for agent and/or publisher preparation, as well as self-publishers, ghost writing, article research and article writing, copy text and web content, cover sourcing and design for self-publishers or Indie writers, as well as guidance and assistance with Kindle edits and uploads.

I have played an integral role in the publication of some magazines, ebooks and books… below are some key projects in brief:


2022 – check out Beautiful Life project managed and edited by Jordan Martin

2021 – check out f-ACT Magazine created by Jordan Martin

2020 – check out Trashion Magazine created by Jordan Martin.

2019 Projects – Consultant/Managing editor and various titles: BLUSH Magazine in support of Look Good Feel Better cancer charity, Man Magazine in support of Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, and DRM – Disability Review Magazine. I consult on Smile Magazine currently too.



MumsNet Magazine:

The leading parenting online forum launched its first free print publication distributed to Mothercare stores and published by Seven Star Media. I was the consultant on the launch and arranged the stunning cover too.

Holistic Health Magazine:

I did a one-off consultation and email report for the managing director on the overall structure, layout and advised on key elements on the structure on the new title launched in 2018.

Family First:

This health and fitness magazine for the whole family launched in 2017, and I was appointed as editorial consultant, sub editor and feature writer. I have since mentored another editor into the role and consult on the bi-annual title.

Holistic Therapist Magazine, the Industry’s No.1 Business Guide:

I met Jayson Firmager in 2011, the businessman who came up with the idea of a business magazine for holistic therapists, which is now a well-respected publication.

As the managing editor, I was responsible for the editorial content and the tone of the magazine, and for the website for over two years. I stepped down from this position, however still work with HTM from time to time, including business or well-being writing and front cover sourcing.

Holistic Therapist Magazine is the first and only UK publication that offers a balance of business and industry features, with content for the therapists themselves. It caters for the desires and requirements of practising and studying holistic professionals.

The idea of this magazine was born in 2010, and after thorough research and careful planning it was launched in January 2012. The founder and Managing Director, Jayson Firmager selected an enthusiastic team to help him materialise his dream of bringing therapists the Industry’s No.1 Business Guide.

The HTM team has strong relationships with an impressive list of therapists, and suppliers, and is proud to provide readers with answers to their questions. At the planning stage of each issue, groups of therapists are asked what it is they wish to know about, to learn about, and to read about. Facts are sourced from professionals at the top of their field, who are all keen to be involved in what has been described as ‘a much-needed industry title’.

HTM encourages business, CPD, and good health. It is a platform for therapists to share their thoughts and opinions, and for them to communicate with others in the holistic industry. Therapists are encouraged to join the HTM Forum to share their opinion, industry knowledge, and to have their questions answered by experts in the field.

Love Pouting Magazine (out of circulation):

I came up with the idea of this publication and materalised it with my friend in 2005. As the co-founder, and editor, I dealt with every aspect of the business, which is no longer in operation. The publication launched in 2006 and saw a life of four bi-monthly issues. It was sold in the UK in book outlets including Boarders, via online subscriptions, and in several other countries.

Love Pouting was the first modelling magazine catering for all areas of the modelling industry; a unisex modelling bible, aimed at 16-34 yr olds, but also of great interest to classic models, parents of models, make-up artists, stylists and other industry people. It provided the ideal platform for models to share experiences and ex-models to give guidance. Each issue offered pages of advice, tips, fashion, features i.e. make-up, photography etc, competitions and more. The aim was to build close relationships with agencies, models and the industry as a whole: working together to create a smoother path in an otherwise tough business.

Late Rooms Magazine:

I won the pitch for this project, including name, suggested features, layout and flat plan. The project did not go ahead due to change in budget allocation.

Books and E-books:

See Saw – Chick-Lit; Print and e-book (Lisa Portolan)

I wrote the synopsis, critiqued the first draft, structurally edited the final draft and proofed the final debut novel, written by Australian author Lisa Portolan. See Saw has been signed to Barringer Publishing, and released in May 2015. Also available from Amazon.

…Cecilia Binner. Not exactly the name of a winner to start with, is it? Said name belongs to thirty-two-year-old single Australian female; unintentionally comical, intentionally sarcastic, potential alcoholic, managing somehow, regardless of general tardiness and verbal brawls, to cruise through life as an advertising account manager, helped by extended lunches with gay bestfriend Adam, munches with overweight bestie Jess, and despite exhausting encounters with her seventy-year-old mother…

Life for Cee is pretty low; the thing about being down – is the only was is up!

And for advanced aged woman-of-world Cee, things certainly start to look up when she implements her Cee Project – all fueled by a depressing Valentine’s night at home alone watching reality TV and drinking badly concocted cocktails…

Almost over night she invites success, and fame into her life… nailing two VIP accounts, moving to a flashier office, and getting chauffeured around in her famous boyfriends’ Lamborghini. Embracing a world of acrylics, Russian hair, smelly fake tan, dull conversation, tit-soup, and jabby-tongued kissing, means that Cecilia Binner is still the talk of the office and beyond, but now for all the right reasons… Or are they? Even with her mother’s fourth wedding on the horizon, gossiping colleagues, a perfect intern she never asked for, and Jess’ unexpected pregnancy, nothing can faze new and improved highflying Cee…

Except perhaps, that little thing called gravity…

Does she really need to change herself this much to be on the up?

Reality has to take hold; the thing about being up – is the only was is down… but this time Cee makes the decision to plummet back to earth, with the realisation that everything she has had all along takes her to a place of balance and true love – she just couldn’t see it before now.

The Rain Must Fall (J P Martin)

Suzanne Curtis has lost herself in her job, because it’s all she seems to have going for her, until, after a year of procrastination, she finally decides to clear her dead mother’s flat and discovers a photograph of her estranged father – a man she was told never knew about her: A stranger, who she’s determined to meet! Why did her mother lie?

Life ramps up when she hires Thomas Giles, a private detective who also happens to be her brother’s close friend and her former teenage crush… Is Tom really who he says he is?

Life for Suzy rapidly becomes complicated and dangerous, almost like she’s a character from one of her best-friend’s novels.

Will Suzy get lost in the romance or focus on the quest to find her father and unlock the key to her future?

AVAILABLE on AMAZON: Click here to download sample or to Buy.

kNot – Entanglement with a Celebrity (a woman/ J P Martin) 

Sometimes one has to relive events in one’s life in order to process them. To better understand them. To move on from them.

kNot is a true story about a young woman (author) who gets tangled up in a relationship with the famous comedian-actor, Russell Brand. Having initially embarked on what she believed to be a frivolous affair or fun escapism, actually rapidly turns into a knot of control, codependence, sex addiction and confused emotion.

In this book Dina embarks on a healing journey, where she visits an unexpected therapist in order to shed her skin from this past unhealthy relationship. She is thrown into memory recall, re-experiencing what has already been, and cannot be changed – the things that are seemingly ordinary in relationships, but are actually unacceptable and damaging.
Dina begins to lose her self in her fame hungry boyfriend’s world of expectation and judgment, and the effects still linger after they have broken up. She knows she must learn from her past, before she too, ends up being consumed by her darker self…

Includes text messages, email content and photographs.

Length: 76,000 words.

The author uses parody names for Russell Brand and for herself. The book does contain some use of strong language, references to sensitive subjects and some sexual references. Please ensure you read the Author’s Notes at the start of the book. Thank you in advance for reading and for leaving a review on Amazon.

UPDATED IMPROVED EDIT NOW AVAILABLE: Please note: The author of this book is human, and whilst computers were used during the writing process, the professional editor and proofreaders are also human, therefore it would be much appreciated that if you do spot unintentional spelling mistakes, typos or grammatical errors that you email them to, so that the product can be updated, giving readers the highest quality reading experience possible. Thank you kindly.

AVAILABLE on AMAZON: Click here to download sample or to Buy.

Homer’s MEN – Adult; Kindle e-book (E Ashby)

I critiqued the first draft, structurally edited and proofed the final draft. This short novel written by Australian writer E Ashby was also further proofed by a third party and again by myself. I provided a Kindle format of the manuscript, including chapter hyperlinks, and front and back matter. I sourced a suitable cover image after the edit, and designed the cover text, before assisting with the upload process and writing the blurb.


…there’s a difference between having a fate and accepting your fate. There’s a distinct difference too, in being alive as a player of someone else’s game, and having a life that you choose for yourself. A real hero, like Odysseus, never gives in. Homer’s men are like that. They never give in.

The writer of this story is not like Odysseus, he is not a hero; he is a liar, a miscreant lurking in the shadows of the actual life he leads in Sydney, Australia, surrounded by his circle of friends that he has known since high-school, living in a stunning house, paid with by the money from his great job, and maintained by the mother of his daughter.

He is concealing a mammoth, dirty secret…

He is a heterosexual male who has sex with men in exchange for cash. He doesn’t know why he does it, or how he has ended up in this particular place, leading this double life… But he is entrenched in it, consumed completely… he can’t stop it, even though he can barely live with himself any longer.

On an ordinary evening in Kings Cross he allows a client to beat him up with almost fatal consequence. He just lets it happen, so that he can somehow feel alive again. He ends up in hospital, is persuaded to see a counsellor, and discovers that his only hope resides within the words he inks on the pages of his journal, this book, is a dark account of his sexual escapades, lies, drug abuse, and self-destruction.

It is also, somehow deep beneath the grime, a love story.

AVAILABLE on AMAZON: Click here to download sample or to Buy.

I did a full structural edit on e-book, The Sudden Intrusion of Light by E Ashby.

Here is an extract: 

A darkness. A deluge. A storm. A juggernaut. And I know I won’t be able to keep my head above water. He has always been stronger than me, and I know that he’ll drown me. 

He’ll pull me under the tide with him, and I’ll hold my breath for a while, but eventually I’ll grow desperate and breathe. Water will tear through, and sear my lungs like fire. Filling each and every vacuous space in my body. Contaminating and silencing it. 

But it doesn’t worry me. Not now. 

It’s what I’ve yearned for, for so long. I can’t keep my head above water anymore. 

I need the sweet release of truth. 

Even if it kills me.

AVAILABLE  on AMAZON: Click here to download a sample or to Buy.

I provided a critique on children’s picture-poetry books, including the below titles; Smashwords e-book (written by and illustrated by Ara E Lee)

(Blurb for The Giant’s Garden) A delightful variation of the traditional fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk…Was that Giant really so terrible after all?! Includes charming illustrations and instructions on how to grow your very own apple tree! AVAILABLE via SMASHWORDS: Click here to download sample or to buy.

Ara E Lee has also published Row Row Row via Smashwords.

(Blurb for I Spy a Tint Spider) This is a delightful, rhyming tale of a tiny spider lost in a family home. A charming way to encourage children to be kind and curious towards nature, this colourful and educational children’s picture book can be enjoyed by all ages. Lovingly illustrated. Includes eight fascinating ‘Spider Facts’. AVAILABLE via SMASHWORDS: Click here to download sample or to buy.