What is Positive Publicity?

Press releases, blog posts, online reviews, published articles, tweets, updates, TV spots, radio coverage, and  word-of-mouth are all important platforms for business... Communicating you or your brand to the desired audience is one thing, but gaining Positive Publicity is key for maintaining a good, powerful reputation. I have previously worked towards generating positive news and coverage across all … Continue reading What is Positive Publicity?

Good Professional Relationships are Priceless

As humans, our success is based on the relationships we have with ourselves, and with others, as well as the strength of the connections we make in our brains and with our environments... It is paramount in business to build and nurture positive, mutually-beneficial relationships through clear and concise communication. During my previous work in public relations, I … Continue reading Good Professional Relationships are Priceless

#Quotographs photos with text on…

Ship on ocean

In the modern world of computers, smart phones and all other Internet-accessing gadgets – these eye-catching, thought-provoking images with text added on, are actually a great idea to get your name and your business ethos out there into the world… sharing your thoughts with others. So, if you have Facebook, Twitter, a blog, newsletters or … Continue reading #Quotographs photos with text on…

Thursday #Yoga: Hone Concentration in Business

Thursday is exciting, mainly because tomorrow is Friday, and whilst excitement is a positive feeling, it can be distracting. Shifty Eyes** has muscle firming benefits, boosts circulation, and gives an ‘awake’ appearance. It is very important to exercise your eyes if you are working in front of a screen for long periods of time... Maintain … Continue reading Thursday #Yoga: Hone Concentration in Business