9 Rules for What to Wear to a fashion event like Canberra’s #FASHFEST

Going to a fashion event such as Canberra's FASHFEST or London Fashion Week can have us screaming out, "What will I wear!?" to the point of our faces turning a crimson hue... not a good look! With my experience* I've seen loads of outfits; some fashion faux pas, yet others; stunning outfits worn by audience members … Continue reading 9 Rules for What to Wear to a fashion event like Canberra’s #FASHFEST

Ever-Evolving #FASHFEST in Canberra

Fashion is ever-changing, some say revolving more than evolving; with retro looks re-emerging from decades past yet not forgotten – snippets of styles left amongst the plethora of movies, shared memories and scattered magazines – all waiting for modern designers and fashionistas to muse over: Every cut, collar, swatch, pattern, stitch and shade longing to … Continue reading Ever-Evolving #FASHFEST in Canberra

#Quotographs photos with text on…

Ship on ocean

In the modern world of computers, smart phones and all other Internet-accessing gadgets – these eye-catching, thought-provoking images with text added on, are actually a great idea to get your name and your business ethos out there into the world… sharing your thoughts with others. So, if you have Facebook, Twitter, a blog, newsletters or … Continue reading #Quotographs photos with text on…