Corporate Yoga

One of the biggest issues in the world of business is that of stress, which can lead to low morale, low self esteem, sluggishness, low productivity, lack of concentration and a breakdown in communication, not to mention compromising wellbeing and health… all key elements required to function well at work.

To operate a business holistically means to ensure that every base is covered and that there is a balance with your home and work life too…

Corporate Yoga is becoming more and more popular, as employers and businesspeople see the huge benefit in regular sessions for themselves and for their employees and team members; these benefits of Corporate Yoga include:

  • Improved ability to concentrate and to focus,
  • Improved positive mind set, and clarity with decision making,
  • Improved physical mobility, circulation, and overall fitness,
  • Improved posture,
  • Increased confidence and self belief,
  • Decreased stress levels,
  • Increased immune system,
  • Increased self awareness and body awareness,
  • Improved ability to detach from distractions, and to prioritise,
  • Improved ability to relax and to calm,
  • Increased productivity,
  • Increased enjoyment with work and life in general,

I have trained in Vinyasa Flow (Level 1 285-hour), with Heather Agnew of Yoga Trinity, Australia, and having taught yoga, Body Balance (qualified) and other fitness (qualified group studio instructor) in many of Canberra’s reputable gyms, as well as corporate classes, school yoga, and individual/small group, private classes. I have also taught in Texas, USA, and in the UK, including athletes. I continue to learn about yoga, including breathing techniques and guided relaxation, and I write for international yoga publications, including Om Yoga Magazine.

I support companies to integrate the benefits of yoga and pranayama into the day-to-day working schedule.

For more information: Qualifications.