Wellbeing & Fitness

In our modern world, as wonderful as it is, many people are still suffering from stress-related illness, physical conditions, insomnia, low self esteem, lack of identity, confusion and indecision, amongst other emotional and mental issues. And all of these have a negative impact on our working life.

Super Model Hero®…

is a positive life shifting, holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. I work with you on the five layers of being: your physical body, including natural beauty/care, your breathing and energy, your emotional mind, your intellectual mind, and your spirituality.

We are all made up of these layers of self, and if they are aligned then we can have balance and clarity every day. I can help you to become self aware, and gain the personal tools to settle, achieve, and succeed.


9-minute or 27-minute MY Workout, that can be easily integrated into your working day.

WELLBEING: Super Model Hero® is ideal for everybody, and is a five-stage process:

  1. Base Strategy: Become Who YOU are NOW! is the foundation of the model, and done during the first session.
  2. Three-part Assessment.
  3. Super Shifting Strategies bespoke for YOU based on step 1) and step 2). These help you to discover the Super human that you are, the Model human that you are and the human Hero that you are, with a combination of life coaching, fitness, mindfulness, yoga (including relaxation, nidra, pranayama and face yoga), positive thinking, success coaching, and motivational support all wrapped up in specially created strategies, so you can work towards becoming the best model of yourself possible.
  4. Dealing with YOUR Default Sequence.
  5. Staying Super aligned.

Please watch and listen to this short video about SuperModelHero®