Catwalk Training for Runway

Many models lose out on exciting and lucrative show, event, TV and runway jobs, because they do not have enough experience in walking…

It is not just experience you need… but confidence, versatility and a signature walk – I have trained models to walk well literally minutes before a show and they have nailed it!

Ideal for aspiring models and models in development, as well as working models that may need a little feedback.


2-Hours 190 AUD
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Canberra based.

During this two-hour face-to-face session you will be able to:

  • Identify your signature style of walking
  • Understand when and how to adapt your walk
  • Moving with pace, to the beat and in sync with other models
  • Understanding what a designer wants from your walk, energy and presence
  • Learn simple choreography
  • Learn quick, smart runway tips
  • Increase your confidence and posture

If you require more work on posing, runway and other areas of modelling and you are serious about a career as a model then the 9-Months Model Mentoring Nurture your Future may be the option for you. 

Models 101 Graduates get a further 10% discount on Models 1 to 1 services, and includes advance modelling training and opportunities.

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