Posing Practice for Camera

There is way more to being a successful model than just good looks and a fit figure!

Skype Session

90-Minutes 150 AUD
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90-Minutes 100 GBP
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It is vital that as a model you can project a message through movement and expression… during this 90-minutes Skype session you will be able to:

  • Identify your niche of modelling e.g fashion, fitness, commercial
  • Distinguish between different types of posing
  • Know your best side and establish your signature pose
  • Learn about expression from inside out
  • Learn some full body movement
  • Learn some TVC tips
  • Understand what a photographer way expect from you
  • Practice time with my feedback for home practice

If you require more work on posing, runway and other areas of modelling and you are serious about a career as a model then the 9-Months Model Mentoring Nurture your Future may be the option for you.

Models 101 Graduates get a further 10% discount on Models 1 to 1 services, and includes advance modelling training and opportunities.

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