“If you ever wanted to meet a person who will solve all your problems and put everything in place, call Jordan! 

After just a few weeks of exchanging emails, she made sure to go out of her way to help me with way more than I ever asked her to. 

We managed not only to organize an interview with her client, that I was originally asking for, but also find many benefits for me on an Event in London that was meaningful to my international Wedding Videography business. 

I traveled from Barcelona for that occasion and would repeat it anytime, just to have another relaxed and fun day like that again.

Thank you so much for everything – organizing the interview, tickets for the show, arranging the leaflets in goodie bags and catching up in the email, and further introducing me to people that will benefit my business. It was such a pleasure and fun to meet you! Hope to see again on another occasion.”  Videographer 


“Working with Jordan, it is obvious from the outset one is working with someone that has great empathy/sympathy, understanding of people and how the dynamics of a group working as a team function. She has a strong personality though sensitive to the needs of others and how to best enable them to fulfil their purpose and project. Jordan is a warm charismatic creative thoughtful person, intelligent and professional with a genuine engagement with the project she is working on, and people. Bringing as well as insight, an energy to bring things to fruition. Jordan is to put it quite simply, a great pleasure to work with.” RussellHand.com