Jordan Martin


Photographer: Dawn-Marie Jones

I am an entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in media; TV and radio (presentation and production), management of creative teams for shoots, shows, publication production and film projects. Communication, creative writing, editing, scripting writing, instructional design, concept creation and development are my strengths.

I am a believer in mutual respect, trust, commitment, honesty, kindness, understanding and a relevant amount of fun when it comes to all my relationships… And, I am thrilled to share that since 2009, 99% of my work has been a result of repeat business and personal recommendations.

I am a Storyteller, Mentor and Healer. Read more on my Public Relations and Communications Q & A below.

Previously Portal PR

On December 2nd 2009 I registered the domain name, shortly after this I taught myself how to use Dreamweaver and put a website online with my first couple of clients – a fashion designer and a photographer, both of whom I had previously worked with. During these seven years I operated under the business name of … Continue reading Previously Portal PR

Curriculum Vitae

This page lists my full studying and working history. My interests include yoga, reading, art, creative projects, and continual study of subjects such as human nature, neuroscience, philosophy, religion, communications, health, wellbeing, and spirituality. And I also love to cosy up with my family to watch a movie or to go on outdoor adventures. Academic … Continue reading Curriculum Vitae

Q & A with Jordan Martin

I have answered some FAQs below, to give you more understanding of how I operate as a PR and Communications Consultant. What makes you an expert in PR & Communications? I analyse language – spoken and written, and one of the labels that I have considered in depth over many years is that of ‘expert’ … Continue reading Q & A with Jordan Martin