Mind Detox Method

“The Mind Detox Method is a remarkable way to discover and heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems.” Founder and my teacher, Sandy C. Newbigging.

Do you need to heal any negative behaviours or disabling beliefs?

Do you want to stop the past from hindering your progress in business, so you can move forward and succeed?

With a Mind Detox, we would focus on one small physical or emotional issue or problem per one-hour session. Three sessions are recommended.

Book your 3 x 60min sessions and work with me via Skype or face-to-face:
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More about this Talking Therapy:

The Mind Detox Method (MDM) is a simple set of questions that focuses on the underline cause of a problem, as opposed to the surface symptoms. Once problems are healed, this often has a positive domino effect.

MDM is an effective talking therapy, that is based on the mind-body connection, working on the knowledge that our physical and emotional health is determined by how we have stored our memories and what thoughts and emotions we have personally related to specific memories.

The Mind Detox Method helps to find and to heal the underlying root cause for physical or emotional issues; reduces stress; helps you to accept parts of your life with neutral emotion, and helps you to move forward so you can lead a peaceful life at home and at work.