How can we find peace with our sleep?

Sleep is vital to our day-to-day functioning and overall wellbeing, and as a trained yoga teacher, pranayama teacher and Mind Detox Practitioner – and having struggled with my own sleep in the past – as well as knowing the importance of sleep after being deprived when raising a young family – I decided to finally launch my podcast that will facilitate a good night of sleep.

It is a monthly podcast  called Sleepless in the City and each episode deals with a different issue and aims to dissolve and resolve the issue that is causing sleep problems.

The first episode launched in October and focuses on improving our relationship with sleep and all that it may bring including waking up or disturbed sleep.

Here are some ways that we can improve our sleep:

#1 Hot and Cold

We sleep better when we are slightly cooler –  it is good to have a thin layer over you and perhaps have the window open a little to keep the air temperature cool and to have good ventilation.

#2 Caffeine Free

You may love your coffee, tea and chocolate – but try to keep these snacks and beverages to morning consumption. Actually your system works best with little food near bedtime – if you are going to have a snack – keep it light with no sugar or other stimulants.

#3 Routine

It is really good to ensure you go to sleep about the same time every evening – this may seem boring – but once you get in the groove with it – you can have the odd later night and it will not make much difference – but giving your body this routine helps you wind down. Doing the same kinds of things each evening before bed helps too – a shower, teeth brushing, intimate time with a partner, reading a book – all of this are signals to your body and mind that you are ready to switch off.

#4 Screen Time

Bedtime is just that – not another opportunity to go online or play video games – keep the screens to a minimal – it isn’t just the light that can cause sleepless nights, but the content we read or watch can keep our minds active.

#5 Guided Relaxation

Listen to guided relaxation – and of course that would also mean giving Sleepless in the City a listen to. Enjoy and sweet dreams.


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