Remember to practise your daily #yoga at your desk…

There are numerous ways you could practise yoga at your desk, however if you’re in an office environment, then seated-chair poses are safe options, rather than using your chair for hand support whilst doing Downward-Facing Dog for example – just in case you end up peering upside-down through open legs at a colleague, or even … Continue reading Remember to practise your daily #yoga at your desk…

Friday #Yoga: Improve Productivity in Your Workplace

Regular short breaks are brilliant for injecting a speedup of task completion. It’s hugely beneficial to go for a stroll outside, but if this isn’t possible, get some fresh air near an open window and do five deep breaths, and then do this simple face exercise for a quick boost in productivity. Pulling Your Ears … Continue reading Friday #Yoga: Improve Productivity in Your Workplace

Thursday #Yoga: Hone Concentration in Business

Thursday is exciting, mainly because tomorrow is Friday, and whilst excitement is a positive feeling, it can be distracting. Shifty Eyes** has muscle firming benefits, boosts circulation, and gives an ‘awake’ appearance. It is very important to exercise your eyes if you are working in front of a screen for long periods of time... Maintain … Continue reading Thursday #Yoga: Hone Concentration in Business

Wednesday #Yoga: Unleash Creativity at Work

Mid-week often brings a creative block, but there is little point waiting for that great idea to emerge as if by magic, instead free your creativity with some yoga. Chair Forward Fold* stretches the spine, and reduces stress: Start in Chair Mountain, and with an exhalation hinge forward from the hips, taking your hands, eye … Continue reading Wednesday #Yoga: Unleash Creativity at Work

Tuesday #Yoga: Instil Self-Belief in the Office

Tuesday is often anti-climatic, but you still have the whole week ahead of you, and it’s vital to believe in your abilities. Chair Cat-Cow* is great for the spine: Improving your posture instantly gives a feeling of self-confidence, and opening the chest in the Cow part of the pose enhances this, as well as counteracting … Continue reading Tuesday #Yoga: Instil Self-Belief in the Office