What is Positive Publicity?

Press releases, blog posts, online reviews, published articles, tweets, updates, TV spots, radio coverage, and  word-of-mouth are all important platforms for business… Communicating you or your brand to the desired audience is one thing, but gaining Positive Publicity is key for maintaining a good, powerful reputation.

I have previously worked towards generating positive news and coverage across all mediums, creating innovative ideas, and content, including press releases, press packs, and website material. My bespoke services included Consultancy for consumer PR, B2B, media relations, publicity, crisis communication, project management, personal development, blogging, mentorship, editorial services, social media, online presence, and brand creation.

I have gained coverage for clients from various industries and fields of work, across all media, including on FIVE, ITV, BBC1, NTAs, BAFTAs, MixMag.com, Look magazine, Bliss Magazine, Hitched, Pride Magazine, Holistic Therapist Magazine, Kindred Spirit Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine, Perfect Wedding Magazine, Ultimate Wedding Magazine, Your County Wedding Magazines, in local and national press… as well as working with prestigious names such as Whiskey Mist, Jeans for Genes, Siemens UK, The Body Shop, Pro Hair Live, Balmain, Scratch, Olympia Beauty, Breast Cancer Campaign, and BBC1 DJ Kissy Sell Out.

I now use this experience and integrate it into my work supporting people improve their lives through storytelling, mentoring and healing.

Be mindful that just because someone is talking about your brand doesn’t mean you are on a good track with your audience. Pay attention to the kind of ‘talk’ that is occurring.

A couple of tips:

  • Be careful what you share online,
  • Think before you post what could be perceived as a negative comment about a competitor,
  • Be selective about who you affiliate with – ensure you team up with like-minded brands and individuals that have a similar ethos.

Image from Holistic Therapist Magazine, photo taken by Tina Nikolovski

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