Usui Reiki Master

“Energy is at the core of everybody and everything – it’s the essential, unifying element for the universe. And when I say unifying, I truly mean it.” Founder of Natural Healer and my teacher of Usui Reiki, Melissa Crowhurst.

Do you need to align your energy?

Do you want to unblock your chakras and allow your energy to freely flow so you can live a balanced life?

Reki master distance healing

A Reiki session can have a powerful effect on your overall wellbeing leading to attuning on self and resulting in a boost in energy and mental clarity.

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More about this Energetic Therapy:

The principles of Reiki work with the universal life force energy – which has been about for eternity – however, it is Japanese doctor, Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) who is historically linked to the founding understanding of Reiki as a healing practice.

Reiki practitioners adhere to five main principles:

  1. Do not be angry,
  2. Do not worry,
  3. Be grateful,
  4. Work with diligence,
  5. Be kind to every living thing.

During a present session you lie on a therapy table, and the healing can be done completely without touch or with some traditional hands-on healing. Appropriate crystals are also be worked with.

Crystals are also worked with during a distance healing and an email or Whatsapp voice message is sent with a debrief of the intuitive healing after the session.