What is Positive Publicity?

Press releases, blog posts, online reviews, published articles, tweets, updates, TV spots, radio coverage, and  word-of-mouth are all important platforms for business... Communicating you or your brand to the desired audience is one thing, but gaining Positive Publicity is key for maintaining a good, powerful reputation. I have previously worked towards generating positive news and coverage across all … Continue reading What is Positive Publicity?

Good Professional Relationships are Priceless

As humans, our success is based on the relationships we have with ourselves, and with others, as well as the strength of the connections we make in our brains and with our environments... It is paramount in business to build and nurture positive, mutually-beneficial relationships through clear and concise communication. During my previous work in public relations, I … Continue reading Good Professional Relationships are Priceless

9 Rules for What to Wear to a fashion event like Canberra’s #FASHFEST

Going to a fashion event such as Canberra's FASHFEST or London Fashion Week can have us screaming out, "What will I wear!?" to the point of our faces turning a crimson hue... not a good look! With my experience* I've seen loads of outfits; some fashion faux pas, yet others; stunning outfits worn by audience members … Continue reading 9 Rules for What to Wear to a fashion event like Canberra’s #FASHFEST

Ever-Evolving #FASHFEST in Canberra

Fashion is ever-changing, some say revolving more than evolving; with retro looks re-emerging from decades past yet not forgotten – snippets of styles left amongst the plethora of movies, shared memories and scattered magazines – all waiting for modern designers and fashionistas to muse over: Every cut, collar, swatch, pattern, stitch and shade longing to … Continue reading Ever-Evolving #FASHFEST in Canberra