Why models need mentoring… #models101workshop #Canberra

Modelling is an industry that has many shades to it – and because it hasn’t always been considered a viable job option, it doesn’t really have the structure or support for those wanting to embark on a career as a model, compared with careers such as teaching or retail for example…

But – times are changing!

And over my 25 years of experience I have witnessed these shifts… modelling is definitely a feasible career option nowadays – but in my opinion stands on a shaky foundation.

Some agencies do provide advice and model development for their new faces, and there have even been individuals that have really made a difference in the modelling industry, ensuring standards are met for models’ payments, job ethics and personal safety. One of these ladies is ex-model UK Katie Faud who established Alba Models website, which is a platform for professional advice on modelling, and myself and Lucy Layton founded the first official modelling industry magazine in 2005 (Love Pouting is now out of publication, but offered advice to models).

(Another – BUT… ) Much work now is acquired and carried out over the Internet and it is more challenging to protect models… who often start out when they are young. This is the reason I mentor models – because they are often lost and confused entering the daunting world of modelling.

So, the answer isn’t about protection, and it isn’t cure over prevention… it is about providing models and aspiring models of all ages and in all areas of the industry (i.e. commercial, fashion, fitness, body parts and so on) the tools they need to protect themselves and to enjoy a long-lasting modelling career.

The Modelling Industry Tools needed…

Some of these tools are practical, and some are theoretical – some don’t come into play until models start their career!

I have teamed up with Canberra based photographer Tina Nikolovski to bring aspiring models and models in development an amazing, exciting and informative practical workshop. The workshop takes place in Canberra on November 11th2018…

Places are limited and to find out more click on this page: https://jordanmartin.biz/models-101-workshop-canberra/

Peach Knock out.jpg

And follow @models101.com.au on Instagram for some great image inspiration and model tips for you to implement now.

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