5 #Tips for vanishing those #business worries…

If you are one of the world’s worst worriers, then isn’t it about time you just chillaxed? The whole worry thing is overrated and when it comes to business, worrying all the time is never going to help right?

Here are 5 tips for vanishing those business worries… just like magic!

  1. Worry can have a huge negative impact on your health and on the business. Switch off from work by literally switching off your work… that includes the mobile, the laptop at certain times – OFF! And ensure you have a calm bedroom; relaxation, sleeping, romantic time and maybe a bedtime read (a non-work related book – searching the net is not a bedtime read!). Try to avoid having any electronic appliances in the bedroom… or at least switch them off at night. If you do keep waking and worrying… remember if you cannot fix it there and then, then it can wait until the morning when you are fresher.
  2. Write a list of the things you are worried about and a to-do list to eliminate these worries. Ensure the list isn’t just another thing to worry about – make it a call to action and feel positive as your pen touches the paper. Include dealing with bills and phone calls that make a difference in your business.
  3. Exercise… yes! A morning routine of fitness, whatever the kind will help you set intention for the day – feeling good, getting things done, and focusing.
  4. Worry happens when we are not living in the moment… so find ways that help you to personally do this, going with the flow but not in an airy-fairy way, in a clear-headed, balanced and productive way.
  5. Trust yourself and others – so trust your choice in employees or friends and business decisions and know that all is fine.

The more we worry, the more we feel overwhelmed by things that are sometimes out of our hands, yet if there is less worrying about the what if? Or the what next? Then we can face decisions with rationality and clarity. Focus on the light and see the shadows as patterns that are a part of your business learning.

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