#Birds or #Brides?

My client, session hairstylist Vicki Lord always works with creative teams to do regular photoshoots. And one of the areas in the hair industry that Vicki is extremely passionate about is bridal hair and shattering the myth that bridal hairstyles are boring. Vicki wanted to do another avant-garde shoot; and together we came up with the concept of the brides being birds… And this spread has been published in County Wedding magazines:


Vicki is the UK’s Best Bridal Hairdresser and Balmain Hair Specialist… and she has seen the impact of the runways and high end fashion as influencers on modern brides’ choice of hair. The sculpted styles in this shoot are inspired by four beautiful birds: the concept is that of a modern, fashionista bride… a woman that embraces the traditions of marriage, along with the importance of romance and commitment, but holds on to her freedom… so she can spread her beautiful wings and still be the independent person she has always been.

Shoot info and credits:
Hair by Vicki Lord (http://www.vickilordbridalhair.co.uk)
Ian Stuart gowns: (http://www.ianstuart-bride.com)
Anne-Marie Simak (http://www.amsimak.com)
Photographer: Dawn Marie Jones (http://www.stoyanovandjones.com)
At Belair House in West Dulwich, London.

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