#Quotographs photos with text on…

Ship on ocean

In the modern world of computers, smart phones and all other Internet-accessing gadgets – these eye-catching, thought-provoking images with text added on, are actually a great idea to get your name and your business ethos out there into the world… sharing your thoughts with others.

So, if you have Facebook, Twitter, a blog, newsletters or a website, then it may be a great idea for you to share your own quotographs or memes… and they are really easy to do…

You may well be thinking… “But I don’t know how to make up words of inspiration!”

The quotograph in this blog above, is one of my own photos that I took on vacation years ago, and a quote I wanted to share that I made up, but you can use other people’s words, as long as you ask permission or credit the quote with the name or website of where it came from.

Here are some other rules to follow:

  1. Make sure you have permission from people in the photo, or to use the photo – hence why it is good to use the ones you have taken yourself.
  2. If you can’t think of anything inspirational to write, then use a quote from someone else, or an old proverb – but credit them (basically what I wrote above – but it’s important, so worth repeating).
  3. Credit any photographers, artists, writers and/or poets. Don’t drag images from the Internet – it is essentially stealing, and if the images are listed with a big company such as Getti Images, you could get charged or fined later down the line. There are some sites that offer non-licensed images, which are basically free to use, Pexels.com is a good one.
  4. Be prepared that people will share the image on social networking – but this is what you want right?
  5. You may want to delete any property data from the image for security reasons, for example when the photo was taken and by what camera.
  6. Ensure the quotes and image are a true reflection of your business and personal ethos.
  7. Keep the words snappy or rhyming – something that does not take the viewer long to get the idea of – otherwise they will click away or scroll down…
  8. AND, lastly, remember that not many words are needed, because a picture tells a thousand of them!


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