Monday #Yoga: Increase your Motivation at Your Desk:

Chair Mountain Yoga

Chair Mountain, Illustration: Ara Eden

You don’t need to be wearing the latest Lycra gear, or to be rolling out a mat in order to escape from work for a few minutes each day of the week… 

This Week I will be sharing one easy yoga exercise you can do at your desk to improve your working week, without getting up from your office chair:

Monday – Increase Motivation:

This practice is best done when you arrive at your desk before switching on your computer, because let’s face it, some of us need motivation to do the simplest of tasks after the weekend.

Chair Mountain releases tension, so slip your shoes off, and ground yourself by connecting all four corners of your feet to the floor. Seated-chair postures are based on standing yoga poses, and so it’s paramount to keep integrity of Mountain: with hips squared forward; knees directly inline with ankles; tummy in, while holding a neutral spine; and flattening your shoulder blades down your back…

Inhale through the nose as you raise arms up until hands are level with shoulders, then take 3-5 deep breaths. Reach upwards with your fingertips, and visualise a strong shade of blue to encourage mental stimulation.

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